Carrabba's, where is the effing bread?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last night I went to dinner with my two best friends.  We do this at least once a month, sometimes more and we always go to Carrabba's.  The service isn't the best, but we're never in a hurry and they have the best bread.  Ever.  

In a recent turn of events, Kri got off work early, since her life isn't consumed with selling safes anymore.  Leah hauled here (after too many demanding text messages from Kri) and we left for the restaurant far earlier than usual.  Due to our early arrival, we ended up eating with all the blue-hairs and had the best service we have ever had.  

The downside to great service at Carrabba's is that we missed out on the two five loaves of bread we usually inhale.  After too much food, including two desserts we headed back to my house for an impromptu book club meeting and a screening of Magic Mike.

See, Leah is one of my beta readers and I know what you're thinking, "You picked your best friend to read your book?  Obviously she isn't going to be honest."  This is where you are wrong.  Way wrong.

My two best friends are sisters.  I met Leah over twenty years ago when we were running on the Carl Sandburg High School track for our swim team tryout.  This was when she broke my heart and informed me that my parents definitely did not send my cat to "live at a farm" when they got rid of him.  See what I mean?  She'll be honest.  (I was only thirteen and obviously a moron.)  I ended up friends with Kri by proximity.  Since she lived with Leah and was always around there really wasn't any other option than to be friends with her, too.  I love them both equally but for totally different reasons.  Leah is brutally honest (hence why I chose her as one of my beta readers) and brilliantly snarky, in a good way.  Kri is hilarious, adorably clueless and far to nice to ever insult anyone, including me.  This is why I didn't chose her as a beta reader.  The best thing about both of them is that they are crazy smart, but you'd never know it.  They are not the kind of smart people who go around touting their smarts to anyone who will listen.  They are the kind that sit back and watch shit unfold and then step in with a witty remark.

So, as Kri sat on my couch watching Channing Tatum do his anger strip dance in what can only be described as a corset for a man, Leah and I sorta discussed my book.

I say sorta because she isn't done reading yet, but she's close enough to have a discussion about it.  Also, because I am completely terrified of her opinion.   Her opinion of my work means a great deal to me.  I need her honesty, but it's still hard to take.  In the end it wasn't as awful as I envisioned in my head, but in actuality I did stop her and tell her to just email what we hadn't talked about yet.  This way I can read it and cry in private.   Just kidding...maybe.

All in all, I hope she enjoys my book.  And I truly am looking forward to her feedback.  On a happy note:

My top ten favorite Leah and Kri moments:

10.  Staple gunning a real disco ball to a wood beam in their parent's house during one our many "theme parties".  Disco ball = 70's theme.

9.  Eating enough Twizzlers and butter soaked popcorn to give the average person a heart attack.

8.  Watching Kri wedge her Buick Skyhawk into the side of a snowbank.  (I think the village is missing their idiot.)

7.  Leah and I rocking out to the Partridge Family in her blue conversion van, while drinking Slurpees and wearing a rice picker hat.

6.  Passing mono around during the '96-'97 school year.

5.  My wedding where we all got so drunk off tequila shots. (There was a lot of vomit.)

4.  Watching Leah lose it when Kri's "boyfriend" stole her car. (In Leah's defense she had mono and was exhausted.)

3.  Buying all the Sunkist fruit roll ups Dominick's had for sale and eating them in one night.

2.  Anything that occurred at our summer job as lifeguards.

1.  Letting Kri write "bitch" on my arm in permanent marker after a few too many beverages and the next morning scrubbing at it on my way to teach swim lessons to a group of three and four year olds.

*Collecting money for Kri's consumption ticket at a party where we were in fact consuming more beverages.

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