Christmas pictures, a day off of work and a random nap.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today I took a personal day from work.  I only get two a year and I blew my second one on family Christmas pictures (take two).  This was the second time in a month that we had our Christmas pictures taken.  The first time our power went out and a knife wielding psychopath broke into our house.  Actually, that didn't happen.  That was just the reaction my children had to the power going 4:30 in the morning.  So, needless to say, pictures didn't exactly go very well.  Second time around—Big success!  Thanks to the wonderful Gina of Gina Cristine Photography.  (If you live in the Chicago area check her out.  Just Google it.  She's fabulous!)

When I took the day off I had big plans for all the free time I was going to have.  The list went something like this:

1. Do laundry
2. Clean the house
3. Continuing book edit
4. Write blog post
5. Call for oil change
6. Clean the car out
7. Make dinner

Here is what really went down:

1. BJ did the laundry between conference calls in his office/laundry room/garage. (Yes, my husband's office is in our laundry room which is in our garage.)
2. I picked up the random slew of toys that were all over the living room
3. No editing done
4. No blog post written 
5. Forgot to call the car dealer for the oil change
6. Car is still a pigsty
7. Dinner was picked up from Wendy's

So you ask, what did I do all day then?  Well, after we got home from pictures I made the kids lunch and then dragged them both to drop my oldest off at school for afternoon kindergarten.  (Don't even get me started on half day kindergarten.)  Came home dumped the little one into bed for a nap and this is where things got a little fuzzy.  I may or may not have fallen asleep.  Suddenly school was letting out and I had accomplished nothing during my day off.

The editing portion of this process isn't fun.  I'm guessing that's why I randomly fell asleep.  I have been avoiding it for some time now.   The fun part was writing the book, which took me about six months and looking back I was so thrilled to be finished that I didn't really take the time to enjoy it.  I know the next several months will be far from fun, but I have started this and I will see it through to the end. 

I am anxiously awaiting my beta reader input.  Although I am looking forward to hearing their responses to my novel, I am in turn terrified.  I have put myself and my work out there and that is alway a vomit-inducing experience.  This was something I poured my heart and soul into and I hope all the time I spent is worth it in the end.

Many have asked what my novel is about.  What I can say now is that it is Women's Fiction with a little bit of pop culture thrown in.  (Who doesn't love Britney Spears and Pop Rocks?)

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