Serious rage and The Googlemeister.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When I started this blog I debated whether to use a blogspot address or a custom one. After much back and forth and many huffs from BJ, I decided to just go with the basic. Well, a few days into this I changed my mind. I do this kind of thing frequently. I'm impulsive. I buy things and return them later. I eat too much and regret it. I say things and then I can't take them back. Blogging is nice because my big mouth has a filter. 

Anyway...I decided to change my option. 

Instead of my blog being called: 

It would now be: 

Turns out some asshat already snagged that up, but the site sits unused. Google, who I love, offered me some other options:— okay, I get it. Hahaha!— okay, now this was getting personal. 

I stopped after reading the "nikki old" and went back to the drawing board.  

I have also been debating about publishing my book under my maiden name, which was Long. I considered this only because I am a teacher and I'm not sure how I feel about my students parents' knowing I wrote a book. I had pretty much scraped that idea because in all honesty, the Internet makes everyone super Googlable anyway. Not a chance in hell they wouldn't figure out it was me. (I didn't write a Fifty Shades of Grey or anything like that. It's just hard when you're a teacher. Parents and students view you as some kind of perfect creature who doesn't do or say anything inappropriate.) 

After considering that someone robbed me of my domain name I went back to the thought of using my maiden name. So I typed and found this too was already taken. WTF! So I typed it into Google and found that the site belonged to a realtor in North Carolina, who was selling a double wide on her main page. Awesome. What was even more shocking was the fact the name Nikki Long also belongs to a porn star from the 90's.  

Obviously, I went back to using my married name. Finally after several hours of setup time, my custom domain was done. Or so I thought. 

 Super excited to use the new, I quickly typed it into the URL bar and this was what I found:

Dear Google, 
You are rapidly rising to the top of my shit list. 
Nikki Young (Not Nikki Long, she's a porn star)

Sad, busted up robot and no custom domain.  

So, turning to BJ I began to rant about my situation.  Only half listening because he was in the middle of watching Fast N' Loud or Pit Bulls and Parolees or some other shit.  In addition to the fact that he can only focus on one thing at a time and the restoration of a shit box car was far more important.  But in his defense, I pretty much came off like a ranting lunatic.  (He's used to this.) He finally turned his attention to me and told me, "I'll look at it this weekend."  He always comes through, but I couldn't wait until this weekend.  Instant gratification.  

Back to Google.  When I typed into the search box, how to fix my error message, I got a series of directions that were so lengthy and obscene I couldn't even fathom how to fix my problem!  It contained information regarding things like, a CNAME and an A-Record and series of letters and numbers so long that it took up two lines!  Beaten but not broken I gave up for the day.  But before going to bed I remembered I know someone who LOVES Google even more than me!

My friend Kristin, who I work with is a Google genius, in fact we call her The Googlemeister!  So I texted her that night and the next day at work she fixed it in under ten minutes.  Kristin, I love you!

So, check out the new location for my blog at!!!

Keep reading for more updates on my book.  I'll be posting my book cover, excerpts from the first few chapters and even more on my process of writing, editing, and publishing in the months to come! 

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