Who needs a publicist when I have Tracy?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tracy is a friend of mine from work. I met her a few years ago and she's one of those people that everyone listens to...no matter what. She's hard to avoid. If she has something to say there is not a chance you're getting away without hearing it. She's loud, opinionated and all around vocal about anything and everything. Now, I mean all of these things in the best possible way. The delivery of her bossiness usually comes with a barrage of swear words coupled with humor.

All of her bossiness is currently working to my advantage. Yesterday another friend from work threw a house warming. Tracy, a bunch of other people from work and some random people I don't know were in attendance.

In comes Tracy and the first thing she says is, "I gotta take these boots off!" She's wearing a pair of knee-high boots and like me, her calves are slightly too big for knee-high boots. If anyone else has encountered this issue, you know this problem makes it difficult to get the boots on, but even more difficult to get them off. It's like a twenty pound sausage in a ten pound casing.

Tracy flops down in a chair and in her commanding voice, requests that someone pull her boots off. I grab the ankle of her boot and pull. To tell you the truth, I only helped her because I knew she would only get louder if no one came to her aid. Plus she'd never turn me down if I asked her for help.

This brings me to why Tracy is better than a publicist. 
1. She's my friend
2. She firmly believes my in my ability to write a great book.
3. I don't have to pay her.
4. Finally, her big-ass mouth!

Last night at our friend's house warming party, she sold the shit out of my book. I told her that when my book is done and published that I am bringing her everywhere with me. I'm going to have her pitch my book because I am still really struggling with this whole self-promotion thing. I'm also sure that if I asked her to stand on a street corner with a sign promoting my book, she'd do it. Not only would she do it, she'd hunt down every person that passed her to make sure they actually bought it. She's the best!

Now if I only had as much faith in myself as Tracy has in me, I'd be set.

Thanks Tracy for being my biggest fan! XOXO

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