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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just yesterday I experienced my first "unliking". Of course, because of my mild OCD, I began obsessing over it. Did I offend someone? (I did recently post about sex on my ChicagoNow blog. Shame on me.) Did I suddenly become so unpopular that I needed to be dumped immediately? (I drop the f-bomb like a hot potato.) When did I become less entertaining? What post was it that forced this person to do the unthinkable...unlike ME! (Yep, I totally took this personally.)

I think I'm kinda likable, but I'm also ridiculously irrational.  My irrational self considered tracking down my "unliker" and demanding to know why!  I tend to do this with everything.  I'm an over-reacter, a dweller, an obsesser, but after a few minutes clarity peeks through and all is good. This incident was no different. I emailed a friend of mine who has been at this for a while and her response was very laissez faire.  "I get like two or three a day. I couldn't care less. Their loss."  Nice response, huh?  It quelled my urge to hunt the person down and scream in his/her face, but it didn't help to subside my wonder.

Who the fuck unliked me???  Old 510, don't think you're off my radar. You'll always be the one who unliked me first.

On a happy all those who still "like" me, know that I LOVE every last one of you!  You have made this such a heartwarming and humbling experience. I never thought I would meet so many wonderful, supportive and caring people.  And to Dannielle (you win the prize for the most obnoxious pimping of me on your FB page), Emily, Erica (second only to Dannielle in pimping) and Natasha-I owe you more than I can express!  Thanks for believing in me!  650—shit that's a ridiculous goal, so share away! XOXO

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