New Year's Resolutions...maybe?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time to resolve to keeping my New Year's resolutions.  This statement would definitely not be said by me.  New Year's resolutions suck, especially for someone like me.  I have no will power whatsoever.  Setting unrealistic expectations of myself are always deemed a failure.

"This year I vow to eat better."  An hour later I'll be eating cookie dough straight from the bowl.  I'll still eat half a bag of York peppermint patties for breakfast on my way to work.  And I will no doubt order Jimmy John's for lunch at least twice a week.  Why give up now?

"This year I will forego swearing in place of more appropriate language."  No fucking way!  Swears fall from my mouth like diarrhea from a butt.  I'm pretty sure I can't live without the words, dipshit, asshat, assbag, and anything that has the word douche attached to it.  If I keep this resolution I will be living the life of a third grade teacher even at home.  It's hard enough to get my shit together for eight hours a day.  The expectation to maintain it at home just might kill me.

"This year I will sensor myself."  I have a serious habit of saying the first thing that comes into my head, not to mention asking questions no one really wants the answers to.  I also get annoyed easily and it tends to show on my face immediately.  But once again, I won't stick to this. It's part of my charm.  I probably owe an advance apology to my boss.  Beth—I'm sorry, you really aren't boring, I just have no attention span.

So, in saying all this, I set one resolution last year.  It was to finish my book and on October 16, 2012 I finally didn't fail at seeing one through to the end.  Here's the kicker, I told no one about this resolution.  Maybe that's the reason I completed.  As for 2013, I have already made one resolution—I will no longer spam my personal Facebook page with postings about my book or my writing.  In saying this, I have created a Facebook page solely dedicated to my book, so anyone who blocked my personal page, you can now unblock me.  You'll go back to getting my lame posts about food, my kids and my dog.  

If you get a chance please "like" my Facebook page.  I also need to give a big thank you to Natasha at Natasha is a Book Junkie for all her help so far.  She is wonderful and if you haven't checked out her blog you need to do that NOW!  If you love to read she is your go to gal!  She hasn't led me astray yet with her book recommendations. "Like" her Facebook page, I promise, you won't be disappointed. (She isn't paying me to promote her, I just like her.)

So, I've made two resolutions this year.  One I've said out loud and one I will keep to myself.  It seems like if I do, it just might work out in the end.  Happy New Year!

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