The Mint Floor Cleaner...Yep, I'm a moron.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here it is.  It's kinda cute, right?
This year for Christmas I gifted myself the Mint Hard Floor Cleaner.  Like my old friend Roomba, it cleans your floors using the magic of GPS and batteries.  If you read my blog about Roomba, I'm sure you're wondering what the hell I am thinking.  Well, I'm thinking that I hate to wash my floors, I let my cleaning lady go when I sold my house (the sale fell through and I'm still without my wonderful Patricia) and I really wanted to see Beeker's reaction. (He does that butt in the air, head down, jump side to side thing dogs do when they want to play.)  That's better than poop.

Well, so far Mint kicks Roomba's ass.  It hasn't taken a nose dive down the stairs, it didn't get trapped under my kitchen table and if Beeks shits on the floor, hopefully Mint will clean it up. (Just kidding.)  This thing cleans like a dream!  Best $200 self given Christmas present. Ever.

And here is a picture of stupid Beeker just for fun!
Yep, he's cute, too.

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