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Hatin' on Snow...again

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If you've read my previous post you know I hate snow.  But yesterday, snow and I became mortal enemies. Ok...if I'm being honest, I'm blaming snow because I'd never blame myself.

Here's how the day started, snow was supposed to start at 6:00am. So in preparation for a ridiculous commute, I crawled out of bed five minutes earlier than usual, only to find that snow, being the dick that he is, decided to sleep in...unlike me.

Snow finally made its appearance around 9:30am—right in the middle of math. Which is more fascinating, Mrs. Young and her witty comments on line plots or snow? I'll let you guess.

Driving home...not so bad, actually. Snow...we just might be friends after all. Feeling kinda smiley and a little ambitious, I decided to snow blow the driveway before BJ got home from work. How great of a wife am I? This is where snow screws with me.

I bundled up my nuggets, well, I bundled both but one stayed in the house because he's terrified of the snow blower. Big nugget goes off to roll around in the snow while I start up the snow blower. I dragged it from the garage, started it up and began to toss snow all over. It's kinda cool, until I realized I've knocked over a gas can in the garage. Yep, I spilled a gallon of gas all over the garage floor.

Big nugget comes along, persuaded me to make the biggest snowball ever, so I bailed on the gas spill. I returned later to find that the garage stunk REALLY bad and so did the whole house. I dumped some Tide on it, scrubbed it with a broom and threw a bucket of water on it. It's clean...but not really.

This is where BJ comes home. Here's the conversation:

Me: I spilled gas in the garage.

BJ: So I smell.

Me: It's not that bad. I opened all the windows.

BJ: It's 37 degrees out.

Me: What do you suggest?

BJ: I'm going to get kitty litter.

This is where BJ left and returned with kitty litter that smelled like an old lady's perfume. Gas or Jean Nate? Either way I'm getting a fucking headache.

Several hours passed and the house reeked of old lady and I couldn't handle it. Sitting on the couch watching a mass of DVR'd shows, I turned to BJ...

Me: I'm gonna need you to clean up the kitty litter.

BJ: (Insert annoyed look and a huffy breath.)

Me: Seriously. It smells.

BJ: (In mocking tone) I'm gonna need you to clean up the gas spill. I'm gonna need you to get kitty litter. I'm gonna need you to clean it

Me: I'm gonna need you to rub my boots in the kitty litter. I stepped in the gas.

I'm glad he loves me otherwise I might have found myself homeless. Although, none of this was my fault. Without the snow, I never would have knocked over the gas can.


The Creation of a Cover

Sunday, February 10, 2013

When I began this whole book writing thing, I always knew I would have my friend Mick design the cover. I've known Mick for fifteen years. We met at Eastern Illinois University, which is where I met my husband. BJ and Mick were friends and so I really had no other choice than to be friends with him, too. If fifteen years ago you had asked me if Mick would be designing my book cover I would have said, No! One, because I would have said there wasn't a chance in hell I'd write a book and two, I wasn't sure Mick would ever become a productive member of society. He bar hopped, drank dollar beers at the seediest joints in town, screamed the "Rick Flair Woo" more than anyone, got one of the worst sunburns in history and jumped off his apartment balcony onto a stack of old mattresses. But in the end, he grew up, we all did. He is now an amazing father to his beautiful daughter, a great boyfriend to his girlfriend Heather, but most of all a hard-working and immensely talented graphic designer.

Back in November when we began this process, I had a pretty specific idea in my head of what I wanted. Mick worked his ass off to make it come to life. He tracked down a camera, set up a shot complete with hairsprayed shoe laces and a deck, all while sick with a nasty cold.

He put it together with my name and title and sent it over to me. I couldn't get to my computer fast enough...and this what I got... 

My first thoughts..."Come to Jesus". Not exactly what I was going for, yet he followed my instructions perfectly. Lesson one—I am NOT a graphic designer, but I still sent him a list of corrections. Second attempt...can't stop thinking about Jesus. Third attempt...still Jesus. I was pretty sure he was going to punch me in the face the next time I saw him.

After a small hiatus, I got an email from him with three totally different ideas—ones that were not created by me. They were unreal! Absolutely perfect. I narrowed it down to two and within a day, I picked my cover.


Mick did a beautiful job. The cover captures my story amazingly well and somehow he managed not to kill me. Please take a moment to check out Mick's website at Or even better contact him about designing your book cover. Thanks Mick! XO

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